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Welding Authority.com is the world’s No. 1 resource for people looking to start welding. Our website has been formed with the sole purpose of providing you with top-quality resources for everything related to welding.

From choosing a welder to set up your equipment and all the things in between, this is a blog written by experts that covers everything you need to know. Whether you are an established welder or just looking at all that glitters, we have all the information to cater to your needs!

Here at Welding Authority, we are passionate about one thing and one thing only – helping people to understand the many aspects of welding. Every day, we seek to provide you with the highest quality information about everything related to welding from A-Z.

We aim to give you the information that is relevant to your industry, helping you in your day-to-day working life. We provide comprehensive information and reviews about the latest welding products and accessories and will help you find the right one for you or your business.

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Welding authority has been the leading independent source of advice for amateurs looking to get started with welding. We are dedicated to giving novice welders a platform to learn and develop their skills through our written articles and product reviews. Knowing the basics of welding can save you money and make your projects better.

As welding experts dealing in exotic metals, we believe that a practical approach is the best approach to learning. That’s why we blog about it for welders to be able to make viable metalwork projects from scratch.

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Welding Authority was born out of a passion for welding and a need to connect with others with who we share that passion. Our team is made up of welders and others with a keen interest in welding, so what we say about welding equipment and how to do it, we know from experience. With content written in simple English by people who really know their stuff, Welding Authority is your first port of call when you’re looking into learning to weld.

We are more than just an online source of information on welding. We can provide you the best bits of info we can get our hands-on, all in one place. Mail us your queries to info@weldingauthority.com and we will get back to you soon!